Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I can't believe it has almost been a year since I wrote a post. It is amazing how my life has changed since I graduated from USU. I'm still alive, still single, still living life. I've had multiple jobs and callings, a flash in the pan relationship, got a dog and a horse as graduation presents, and life is good. I'm going to be in my home-town for a while and at times it is so nice to be home, other times I want to jump ship. I guess I don't have as much to say as I thought I did........... LIFE IS AMAZING!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I can't completely fathom that May is gone and we are part way through June. Let's just say that May was an adventure in and of itself. So here is a couple of things to mention about May.
  • Who knew it could happen? My last semester at USU was the best semester I've ever had. I had a 4.0. 
  • I graduated with Honors- Cum Laude. I now officially have a Bachelors of Science in Family Consumer and Human Development with an emphasis in Family Finance. 
    • I never thought it would happen, but it has. 
  • I got a job where I work 4 days a week and started the Monday after graduation. 
  • I had my first day off on that Tuesday and effectively broke my leg.
    • However, I did not realize that it was broken at the time, even though it is a severe break. 
    • I worked another 30 hours before deciding to go to the Doc and get it x-rayed. 
    • I have since spent the remainder of May in a walking boot cast unable to work.
    • The x-ray tech was more than a little surprised that I was able to walk at all.
    • Yay for high pain tolerance!
  •  My best friend, Kortney, got married. It was a lovely ceremony. 
  • Another one of my good friends will be leaving on her mission soon. I was able to go to her Farewell and I know that she will be an amazing missionary.  Good luck Sister Woodbury!
  • My sister got married. She has married a very good man and we through a party to celebrate! It was quite an adventure. 
  • We cleaned up after the wedding and was grateful it was over. 
  • I had a family reunion on my mom's side. It was literally hilarious. We laughed for 8 hours and had a blast.
  • I'm heading to St. George this weekend for some serious shopping and Tuacahn. Can't wait at all. 

I can't believe everything that has happened this summer already. What a year!

Friday, April 26, 2013


That's right I'm pretty much finished. Last night I sat down and worked on four assignments while watching 'When in Rome' and 'The Mask of Zorro.' I took two quizzes and completed review questions for two chapters in my textile class. I'm pretty much done and all I can say is it is great! So what do I have left? One linger longer on Sunday, two finals on Monday- one of which is online-, a final on Friday and Graduation on Saturday! I can't even wait! So ready to be DONE! I can't even try to handle one more project, assignment, paper, etc. I'm so done!

Monday, April 22, 2013


This weekend was supposed to be a typical weekend. No issues or worries. Yeah, that is not exactly how it worked out. I decided on Tuesday that I could not handle another day in Logan. So on Friday, I got out of work, skipped class and came home. I was able to listen to my mom perform in a choir and then Saturday came.

My mom has been deep cleaning the house. She always does this around this time of the year. I was helping her organize and move boxes when my Dad came in and told us that he had a sick cow on the desert and needed some help to round up her and her calf. No big deal- we saddled Smarty and Sid and jumped in the truck. The cow and calf were out there quite a ways so we brought a panel and set it up, creating a chute effect into the trailer. We had no issues rounding up the cow and calf. We pushed them to the trailer and almost in before things got a little crazy. The calf jumped through the fence, but the cow loaded into the trailer. We locked the gate on her and attempted to round up this calf. What a bugger of a calf! Let's just say that she was uncooperative at best. In the process of trying to round up this calf, Smarty and I jumped a big ol' sagebrush. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I think I reached back with my spur and flanked him. Before I knew what was going on, he had bucked me off and I had landed on my back.

But with any buck off, you can't just lie on your back and die. You get up, go round up your horse (who ran all the way over to Sid-a good 200 feet away) and get back on to finish the job. We never got the calf close to the trailer so we decided to head her to the corral a couple of fields away. On this pasture is a series of sand dunes. I'm always really careful riding over these as the ground is unstable and often has badger or coyote holes that are very deep. Even though I was being careful, I didn't see the holes. All of the sudden, Smarty was scrambling to stay up and it didn't take very long before he face planted it right into the sand effectively ejecting me from the saddle into my own face plant. It hurt, a lot. I screamed on the way down, so my dad was already turning around and catching Smarty. He headed over to where I was lying in the sand. I slowly stood up and felt every muscle and bone in my body ache. I have never come off a horse twice in one day, ever. I climbed back on Smarty. His face and front legs were completely covered in sand and he was wondering what the heck just happened as well. After my sand bath, I followed this calf almost to the corral, while dad went back and got the truck and trailer. Dad came up and finally roped the little bugger. We threw her in the trailer and then I about died as muscles seized and bones ached. We called the chiropractor and he spent ten minutes trying to readjust my hips so that I could walk again in an almost normal fashion. Wasn't expecting to get bucked off and definitely was not expecting to face-plant it in the sand this weekend, but I did.

My body is sore. I ache just about everywhere. I have two huge bruises on my right thigh. I think those happened when I got bucked off- I remember hitting the saddle horn before hitting the ground. I laugh and just about die, not because my ribs are broken, but because I tore my abs and obliques trying to keep myself in the saddle. Who knew that going home could lead to such an adventure? However, I am young, my body will heal and in two weeks I will ride Mr. Smarty again. Next time, I hope that it is not quite so adventurous.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This week

I'm so done with this week. Just a few things that have happened this week to set me over the edge.

  • Phone died- deader than a door nail dead, but still under warranty- a good thing?
  • Used brother's ancient phone and whenever I called someone would have to yell so that they could hear me. 
  • Tried on Bridesmaids dress, found out it doesn't fit- have to send dress back and find another one
  • Replaced both back tires and the struts
  • Was at the mechanics for 4 hours
  •  Lost all of my presentation information ten minutes before I presented
  • Gave presentation without notes-felt like I was crazy
  • Still need to write a 2 page single space paper by 11:55 pm tonight
  • And, I have some serious senioritis, the last thing I want to do is write the 2 page paper. 
Thank goodness that I don't have weeks like this every week, because I can honestly say I couldn't handle it.   I'm looking forward to three weeks from now when I'm done with all of my finals and can pack up and leave Logan. I'm ready for some summer sun and a few days off. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

That Moment.....

Maybe you have never had that moment when you either want to head-slap someone or head-slap yourself. Yesterday was a head-slap day! Let's just say that it is too embarrassing to write about. It was something that happened to me and when I got done with this activity I started laughing and crying hysterically because I pulled a are-you-freakin'-kidding-me?-How-in-the-world-did-that-happen? moment. All I can say is moments like this remind me that I am oh-so-human and that it is never going to change! Here's to oh-crap! How-do-I-fix-this?! moments!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Part 2

What a busy crazy day and probably my favorite day of the Vacay!  We started out by driving to the Laie Hawaii Temple. Mom and Dad did a session and Meag and I did baptisms for the dead.  It is a gorgeous temple and I absolutely loved every second that we spent at the temple. We were able to go to the visitors center while we were there and learned so much. One of the coolest things that I learned was that I have visited the first five dedicated temples. They are St. George, UT Temple; Manti, UT Temple; Salt Lake City, UT Temple; Logan, UT Temple and Laie Hawaii Temple. Number 5 is the Laie Hawaii Temple and the first one outside of continental United States. I was pretty excited when I found out that I have been to all of those temples! (To find out more about temples and why we have them, go here.)  After that we went and got lunch. We went to Kahuku Grill! It was probably the best food we ate when we were in Hawaii. I got a cowboy burger and fries. The food was so good and the fries were the best I have ever had, literally.  Anyway loved it!

After that we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). The PCC was so cool. We were able to visit the presentations from Aoeterra, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Hawaii. All were unique, but each were amazing in there own way. The Samoan presentation was probably the best, I died laughing. It was so funny! Part of the program included a guy climbing a coconut tree without any assistance from ropes or cables and he was barefoot. It was pretty crazy to see. I ended up getting a picture with him (because he was a hunk of gorgeous Samoan), but don't have the picture because it is on my mom's camera.  We pretty much just walked around and saw programs all day long, then we went to a huge buffet before we went to Ha: Breath of Life. It is an amazing program and I loved it! The guys that danced with knives or flames, absolutely crazy, but freakin' amazing at the same time! If you want to check out more about the PCC, go here.
So that was Thursday- crazy right! 

I was tired and grouchy, so definitely not my favorite day. We went to Sea Life Park and had a Dolphin  Encounter. It basically means that we get in the tank with the dolphins and get to touch them. Granted, it was pretty cool because the dolphins have a super weird texture to them. We saw the World's Only Wholephin which was really weird and crazy at the same time and she is a very pretty animal. We saw the Seal  program and the Dolphin program. Both were well done. We finished our day by going to the Aquarium at Wakiki Beach. Saw some pretty crazy fish! 

Our last day in Hawaii and believe me we were all getting ready to be gone. We decided that we would spend our day going to Pearl Harbor. By the time we showed up, we were too late to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. We wanted to do it, but they sell their tickets early and fast. We figured that we should still spend some time looking at the other things. We visited the USS Blowfish, a submarine known as the "Avenger of Pearl Harbor", and the USS Missouri. The Missouri was my favorite part. At the Missouri, the Instrument of Surrender was signed. From the top of the Missouri, you could look out and over the Arizona Memorial- you were able to see the beginning of WWII through the Arizona and from the decks of the Missouri the end of the WWII. For some odd reason that was just so amazing to me. I loved it. That took up the majority of our day, but we still had about four hours before we had to turn in our car and go through security so we went to one final destination. We went to the Bishop Museum. It is a huge museum. I saw so many things, not sure I learned anything, but I saw some pretty crazy things. After that we turned in our rental and went through security. From there we had some issues. Our flight was delayed by over an hour due to maintenance issues, they then transferred us to another plane and we finally started our flight at 10:30 at night. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but we had a connecting flight at LAX. We literally got off of our flight and went straight to the other gate. They were calling the final boarding calls when we showed up. We got on and flew home. It was wonderful to go and wonderful to come home!