Friday, October 7, 2011


I love my roommates! This year they have been super awesome! I feel like I have had a ton of roommates so I decided to figure out how many I have had. 1st semester was Jenni, Kenzie, Jena, Sara, and Kathryn. 2nd semester: Kenzie and Jennie moved out and Sabra and Jessica came into our roommate bond. The next set of roommates was during the summer-there was Heather, Ashley, Smalls and Janelle. Fall 2010 brought another four with Katie, Lindsay, Diane and a different Jessica than the previous year. Then there was this summer with Taylor, Taylor, and Jolene. Now we are almost caught up to this year. I have Shelley, Kara, Megan, and Cait all as my roommates. If I figured this out right then I have had 22 roommates since I started college three years ago. I am really good friends with all of them, but I think I probably have the best relationship with Kathryn. We are going on three years of being roommates now and it has been such a blessing. Kathryn is one of the most amazing people I know. She is so busy right now so I don't get to see her very often, but I love it when we do have an opportunity to see each other and chat for a second.
Just for kicks and giggles my roommates and I decided that we would do roommate pictures. The story behind the pictures is that during the first week of school we figured out that we all had red high heels except for Kathryn. So she went out and bought some red high heels and we decided to take some pictures!!!
L to R: Shelley, Kara, Kathryn, Cait, me and Megan

Yep, I really don't think we will ever grow Up!

Yes, we were at a park!

I think this is my favorite picture of  our Red High Heels! P.S. We were getting rained on!

My Roommates are absolutely gorgeous!

Our room roommates! Megan and Cait

Me and Kathryn
Kara and Shelley

The lighting in this picture turned out so Awesome!
Each one of my roommates are amazing! Shelley is the outgoing one, she loves to play any sport and she is Awesome at it! Kara is amazing! Her major keeps her so busy, but she never grumbles! I love that she has such an amazing testimony to go with it! Cait is so Happy and she makes everyone around her happy! Cait makes my day! Megan is absolutely beautiful. She is so solid and such an amazing friend! Kathryn has become one of my best friends! I will love her forever!

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  1. Awww Jess, love you!! I really feel so blessed to have you as my roommate