Monday, November 7, 2011

"Once upon a Time"

IWA Dance! I love big productions like Institute Dances! I spent about 10 hours decorating and then it was destroyed in an hour and a half.  One of the things that I did the most work on was the castle. ( Our Theme was "Once upon a Time", We had a castle scene, a Rapunzel scene and an Enchanted Forest)

This Castle was made of Tin-foil. The Turret was up there about 10-15 feet and I about had a panic attack while I was on the ladder trying to stick it to the wall. Not that I was afraid of heights, just nervous! ha ha
I also was in charge of making the hulu hoop holding the drop ceiling look pretty!
My date and Me at the dinner before the Dance.
Pretty huh? Anyway so the dance! I am on the committee for the dance and as a group we decided that we needed to have someone teach dance lessons. Well, I happened to be the only one who knew anyone that could dance so I asked my dance teacher to teach dance lessons and be my date. (He is a student at USU too!)  This is him. The funny thing was that we had a completely not typical date, but I loved every second of it and I had an awesome time with him. He was such a gentleman, he even helped me take down the decorations. It made my life so much easier! I had so much fun! The Dance was definitely a success! Everyone loved it! The funny thing was that after my roommates and I got home from the dance we ended up talking from 12:30 until 2:00 in the morning. I was so tired by the next day that it wasn't even funny! I'm so grateful for my roommates and for the dance on the weekend. That is the funnest dance I have ever been too. Cheesy, Right? But I loved it! One of the best things about the dance was the chance that I got to spend with the girls from IWA. They are so cute! I love them so much! 
This is all of us from my chapter! A few of our girls were unable to go, but the ones that did had a lot of fun!
I have to add one more picture before I finish this post! Of course we had to have a funny picture! I love these people so much!

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