Monday, November 28, 2011


I love the holidays! I especially loved this Thanksgiving. It was pretty simple for me this year, I went to my grandparents. Had an amazing dinner with my parents, sister, Uncle and his three kids and two grandkids, and my grandparents.After Thanksgiving dinner, we bowled on my Grandpa's Wii. (Yes, my Grandpa is pretty much the coolest!)  It was so much fun!! In between my turn and taking a break, I got to hold my little cousin. He was born two weeks ago and he is so cute! So tiny! I forget how small newborns are, but I loved every second of holding on to the little guy! I loved Thanksgiving! It was so good!

Black Friday was not spent shopping in my family. We went to the river bottoms on the Deseret Allotment and rounded up wild cattle. Yep, we are all sorts of adventurous! It really was so much fun! I got to ride my horse. Dad has been graining him and he had a ton of energy which was really good because he needed it. One of the guys that rode with us used a GPS to track us, he went 15 miles, I went further than he did. I'm guessing but I think I went between 15-18 miles on my horse that day. 

I loved the break and this is what I'm grateful for:  good food, time spent with my parents and little sister; being able to play the piano again; holding my little cousin, Ryker; talking with my grandparents; playing with the puppies; sore muscles; a good cow-eating horse; laughing with my sister; breakfast with all of my family; sleeping in; amazing sunsets; watching my town get ready for Christmas and everyone being so happy about it; safe driving; working hard; eating ice cream; feeling loved and knowing that life is good! The last thing that I'm so grateful for is the gospel. It has made me who I am, It has helped me through the good times and the really bad times and it is only through my Savior that I will be able to be with my family forever. I'm so grateful and so blessed!

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