Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Favorite Thing...

I can honestly say the thing that I love more than just about anything right now is WESTERN SWING! I love it so much! I went last night like I have done for the last six weeks and it was so much fun! I danced with a lot of fun guys and had an absolute blast. I love it when guys decide to do lifts with me. Last week, I danced with a kid that did the A-frame with me and it was awesome! Which is kinda ironic because when I was in the western swing class I almost always refused to do lifts. Crazy right?  Anyway I came home just smiling! There were so many good things that happened last night, like I got an awesome parking spot, which never happens and it totally made my day! I'm still smiling! :) Just because I really love it and I have done all of the moves in this video. :)

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