Thursday, February 2, 2012


You know those weeks when you are just tired? Maybe it is because you had a busy week or a lot to do or maybe it is because you just stay up way too late. That has been my week. It feels like I have lived at the library trying to finish my three papers and studying for the three tests I have between now and next Friday. Here it is Thursday and I can't focus any more. I'm tired of studying and tired of papers and tired of projects. The worst part is that I have no reason to complain, because other than school, my life is great. My roommates seem to be even busier than I am and I just wonder how do we become this busy? Probably the biggest thing that will help me this weekend is that I'm going home. I went two weeks ago for my Dad's Birthday, but it is time to go again. I can't wait to go home and have someone cook for me and to be able to play with my dogs and maybe I will be able to ride my horse. Simple things that make me so happy and help me remember that I am more than a student with a part time job, because when I go home I remember that I'm a farm-girl that loves to ride horses and spend time with my family. Can't Wait!

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