Monday, March 26, 2012

People Watching is a skill....

I love people watching. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and quite entertaining way to walk through campus especially on days with detrimental weather. Today was no exception. I walked up to campus in the middle of a snow storm and saw many varieties of people. There were the solid few who were bundled up, a couple carried umbrellas. Then there were the few that smiled even though they looked liked they were soaked through. There was a couple that woke up and thought today was going to be beautiful. They weren't wearing jackets and were looking pretty miserable.There were the few that had had early morning classes and came up to campus before the snow storm, not realizing what kinda day they were in for. Then there were the couple that looked liked me, WE refused to wear our winter coat one more day so we wore the passable, but not extremely warm jacket. We showed up in class with hair wet, jeans soaked and I was wondering what I was thinking. But, there are days when  you have to say to Mother Nature, "Enough is enough, I want Spring! No more winter." It did me a lot of good let me tell you! However, detrimental weather (i.e. the snowstorm today) is an amazing chance to do some serious people watching and to have a good laugh especially at myself for not choosing more appropriate winter gear.

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