Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Boys.....

I have a blog that I follow that does a Dear Boy post quite frequently(Elise's Pieces). I feel in love with it and decided to do a Dear boys post today.

Dear Tall, Dark and Gorgeous,
I never thought you would say yes. Guys like you don't go out with girls like me right? Anyway it happened to be my best date ever! I had an amazing time and I felt something that I  had never felt before, so I got scared and turned tail and ran. Sorry and I wish you the best.
Some Regrets

Dear Blue Eyes,
Hmmm, Wow! You have the most gorgeous eyes ever! Too bad you aren't going to be here over the summer.

Dear Weight lifter who smiled while I was running,
Thanks for the ego boost. It was appreciated!
The slightly-more-confident-runner

Dear Listener,
How in the world did you get me talking? I listen, everyone else talks. How did you do it? But, Thanks I needed to talk.
The Surprised

Dear Summer,
Maybe we could have a fling? Just thinking.

Dear friend from home,
Why are you so difficult to talk to? We even have home in common and I can't figure out what to say to you.
At a loss

Dear Friend,
Wow, It was so awesome to see you get excited about asking a girl out. Really impressed me. Waiting for the day when someone is excited to ask me out.

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