Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter is a special event for me and my family. Every year, we pack the camper, saddle the horses and go camping on a mountain called Joy. At Joy, there is not much to see, it is actually kind of barren, but it is a tradition that I love. To celebrate we always eat deviled eggs, cinnamon rolls and play tons of speed Uno. However, this year, I wasn't able to go home and so I stayed in Logan and passed the weekend by quietly. I was able to spend sometime with my Aunt and her family on Sunday and I also sang in a choir that morning. My roommate and I were the only ones home and we felt that we couldn't do Easter justice without listening to Jeffery R. Holland's talk titled "None Were With Him." I love that talk and because I couldn't get it to imbed on this post, it is on the other one. By the way, if you ever feel alone or discouraged this is a great talk to help you remember that you are never alone.

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