Thursday, April 19, 2012

Typical Monday

Monday was crazy.  It all started at 7 am. I got up and just knew that I didn't want that day to happen.
9:30 Consumer Policy
10:30 Advanced Family Finance
11:30 Institute
12:30 Financial Counseling class
1:30 Very Dry lecture by James Bullard
2:30-4 Housing Regulations
4:30-6:30 Group project for Research Methods
6:30-8:00 Home Evening Closing Social for the Ward
Break until 11:30 Roommate breaks up with boyfriend
12:00 am to 12:20 Attempting to Register for last semester ever!

Crazy! Add a couple of break downs, a couple of barely there meals and the 4 mile run that I was supposed to, but didn't fit into my schedule and you have my psycho never ending day. The crazy thing is I know everyone is busy, but it just drives me nuts when I do something all day long and it still doesn't feel like I got anything done. To finish this semester, I have 1 portfolio's, a couple of papers, 4 finals, and 3 presentations. I just want to be done. One day at a time is my motto right now! Can't wait for summer and an even busier schedule! (And yes I'm posting about my busy day because I thought it was pretty incredible that I made it through without going completely and totally insane.)

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