Thursday, May 31, 2012


A couple of things have changed since the beginning of the summer.
1st- my half-marathon training has completely flown out the window. Although I really regret it, I think I am going to take a hiatus on this half. It is more important for me to complete my internships than it is to run 13.1 miles.

2nd- I have made it to a little over 100 hours between the two internships. I am a little behind on the hours, but I am pretty close to being on schedule. It seems like I have done way more, but apparently I haven't. A couple of years ago, I would put in 80 hours a week, so this feels ridiculously slow.

3rd- I went to the doctor (which is something I never do) and I was diagnosed with tonsillitis this week. It has completely knocked me off my schedule! Yay for being sick. :(   I have slept a lot, but I'm hoping that I can start feeling better soon.

4th-Last, but not least- I'm considering going back for more schooling after I graduate in December. I am not completely sure if I would go back for a 2nd Bachelors or a Masters, but I am researching my options. I really thought I was about done with school, but it feels like the next step I should take so I will do more research and figure out what I am going to do with my life.

Like I said, a few changes. Life is good though besides of course being sick. I had the opportunity to go home for Memorial Day and it  was wonderful. I spent some time on my horse and I loved it. I guess when it comes down to it- I'm a farmgirl living in the city-and I really love it when I can go home and remember that I have other interests besides my education and social life.

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's the season of.....

I have been invited and gone to more weddings than I ever thought was possible. Last week I had the opportunity to once again be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding. Kathryn, my roommate/best friend, got married on the 12th.  She is so gorgeous and I'm  so excited for her and Chase.
My gorgeous roommate, Kathryn, and her husband, Chase.

Sara, Jena and Me

My Roommates from freshmen year

Chase and Kathryn

Tossing the Bouquet

I thought this picture turned out so awesome with the sparkler!

Waiting for Kathryn and Chase to come out of the reception hall.

 Friends getting married this summer.
Amanda and Matt                           My old roommate Diane and her boy             
Sydney and her boy                        James and his girl
Kathryn and Chase                         Dallin and his girl
Diane and Wade                             Bryce and Leslie
Blade and Ginger                            Trevor and Leisha
Amy and Luke                                Chris and his girl
Kara and Alex                                Robert and Hannah

(Yep, my single status and lack of money gets more and more noticeable every time there is another wedding)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Internships have been started. Yesterday I got a good start on my hours and worked over 11 hours. I had forgotten what it is like to work constantly for many hours back to back. School may be long, but it is rare when I work 11 hours constantly. Oh well, I'm done complaining. I have my first presentation this weekend on Goals and Budgeting. I'm a little nervous for it especially because I am supposed to be in Draper for my roommates wedding an hour and a half later. Lots to do between now and then. Time to go back to work.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer Time!

Well, it's done. Finals are over and the semester from heck is over too. I'm super excited! I didn't realize how completely stressed out I was until I walked out of my last final. I almost started singing! I think it might have been the happiest moment of the semester.

So, I left good ole' Logan on Wednesday and will stay with my folks until Monday. I start my two internships on Monday and so I will need to be back in Logan by then. I'm actually getting really excited for them now that I am done with the semester. My mom and I ended up going to "The Avengers" last night and loved it. It was definitely a movie that I will probably buy and it had some hilarious one liners. It was great!

Today, I ran 6 miles. It is the furthest I have ever gone. It was a good run and I'm feeling pretty good right now, so hopefully I won't be too sore tomorrow. I have 69 days until the Race, but I'm getting a little bored with training so I'm going to try and change it up a little bit. Pretty much that is my life right now. Looking forward to Summer sun and a nice tan! :)