Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in School!

I'm back in school! What can I say.......... It is expensive, some days it doesn't feel worth it, but oh how I love it. The first couple of days are the toughest. You have the teachers that are naturally nice and you feel so welcome in those classes, and then you have the teachers that are doing everything they can to make sure that you feel so overwhelmed that you consider dropping the classes. Over the last
4 years (Holy Cow- I can't believe I have been in school for four years!), I have had both kinds and some teachers that slide into the middle ground, whatever that is.

I have decided that one of my strongest talents is that I learn really well. Some people really struggle with it, but I never have. Summer was always fun, but I have always looked forward to school. So now that I am back in school I'm taking some interesting classes including sewing and a food literacy class which is basically cooking. I am already enjoying those classes. In fact I am enjoying all of the classes for my second bachelors (Family Consumer and Science Education (HomeEC teacher)) way more than for the 1st one (Family Finance). It makes me wonder how I lasted so long in my classes if I didn't love them. Hindsight is 20/20 though. Anyway, the only thing to do now is homework. So off I go to start on the mountains of homework! (I said I love school, not homework!)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jackson Hole

We left town. It was time to escape for a couple of days and we did. Mom and Dad with Meag drove to Logan on Saturday. The girls shopped while Dad stayed with Uncle Mike. We had a lot of fun and I got a brand new outfit with these gorgeous shoes. (If you want to see the shoes I bought, go here.) They are amazing shoes and my calves are pretty much killer! (Even the guy helping me said so and I don't think it was a sales tactic.)

We stayed overnight in Logan and went to sacrament in my ward. On our journey we made several stops along the way. The first was in Lewiston at my Cousin Melanie's home. Her husband lost his fight with melanoma this week. After visiting Mel, we went to Idaho Falls.  Idaho Falls was probably my favorite part of the trip. We went and toured the Visitors Center at the Idaho Falls Temple and it was amazing.  There were two adorable missionaries that walked us through. Their names were Sister Turner and Sister Garcia. All of us were missing Chad. It was the first time in all of our lives that we didn't have all of us on the Family vacation. All I can say is that I have a testimony of Temples. They are sacred. It was an amazing experience for all of us.

So the next day we woke up pretty early and took the scenic route to Jackson Hole. It was so pretty. We drove through steep canyons and twisty roads. Poor Meag got super car sick. She does better if she is in the front seat or driving. One of the things that we did when we got to Jackson Hole was to go to the Bar J Wranglers. Can I say how delicious the meal was? I got ribs the size of a plate. Looks good, huh? By the way it was delicious. The show was just as good.
Dad, Mom and Meag

Me and Dad

They sang some of my favorites including "Ghost Riders in the Sky," "Big John," and "Master's Call." It was amazing to spend time with the family. We loved the show, the food and the time waiting in the line playing Speed Uno. It was great.

The next morning was even better. We floated down the Snake River on a scenic river trip. Scott, our guide, had to give us the safety spill. He told us that if we saw a bear- Do not scream, do not run because when you do you become food. It was hilarious and lets just say that we didn't see any bears to not scream at or run away from. He told us about the history of Jackson Hole from agriculture to tourism and it was so awesome. For a history junkie, it was great. We saw lots of ducks, bald eagles, Canadian geese, and pelicans. It was so much fun!!! We were the first run of the morning so we pretty much had the river to ourselves.
Gorgeous scenery, huh?

Meag and I.

Canadian Honkers!

Dad was asking Scott about farming or hunting.... I think.

 After the trip, we were shuttled back to our car and saw a big crowd of people on the bridge. Scott informed us that there was a moose that showed up near the river quite often and that is probably why there was a group of people. So like any good tourist we took pictures of the moose that I have dubbed "Bullwinkle." Then Meag and I considered pointing at something in the river and saying, "Look, look at that, isn't it a beaut?" We didn't, but we had a few people look at the river when we discussed our plan to see how gullible people were.

After the river run and Bullwinkle, we drove through Star Valley and stopped in Afton. That drive was so impressive. It was beautiful cattle country. We noticed some crazy things.  Horses in Wyoming are huge. I'm not sure why, but every horse we saw was at least 16 hands tall which surprised both my dad and I. In Afton, we spent some time shopping. I wasn't in a shopping mood, but found a gorgeous quilt that we bought the pattern for. From Afton we drove to Fish Haven where we stopped for Raspberry shakes. Best shakes ever! They were so good. My parents weren't ready to be done with the vacation yet, so we spent the night in Bear Lake. And boy, did we have fun in Bear Lake. We stayed at Snow Meadows Inn. It was super cute and it gave me and Meagan the chance to work on our pool game.

I suggested that we go to the Pickleville Playhouse. We went to "The Hanging of El Bandito." It was so funny!!! I was rolling, I was laughing so hard. You could tell that the cast was ad libbing all over the place. Even they were cracking up. What made it even better was that one of my good friends from IWA, Megan Bagley, was in the cast. I loved this girl in IWA and I loved her even more as "Billy Jean." And that is how we ended our vacation. We packed up the next morning and drove to Logan.

Good things in Logan. I finished my internship at the Family Life Center and had my exit interviews on the day that I got back from vacation. There are a lot of mixed feelings. Relief that it is done, sadness because I will miss the people that I worked with, grateful that I was able to do it and learn so much from it, but mostly I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be there. I learned a lot about people and about myself while I was there. And I am nearing the end of my other internship. I have just over a week left and I'm done. What a summer?It has been super crazy with lots of things happening, but it has been good.