Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Lately I have been so cold, frigid actually. It's not my attitude but the not so warm air around me. Last night I had four blankets on my bed. Four. I woke up today thinking that I never want to leave my blanket cocoon. I finally stepped out of my blankets and I about froze. I know it wasn't that cold in my apartment, but I was freezing.  I ran to the shower, hoping some how that I could get warm. The shower was heaven on earth. I finally got warm. Then I got ready for school and walked  to class. Frigid, below freezing temperatures were just so nice. I wore thermals every day last week and forgot to put them on today. I only walked for 15 minutes, but by the time I got to class, my legs, my ears and my chin were completely numb and tingling.  I soon found out after arriving at class that it was cancelled. I ventured out into the cold, frosty air once more and realized that I was frozen clear through. Now that I have had a chance to warm up, my legs ache. I dread going out in the cold and look forward to blankets (lots of them) and hot chocolate by the gallon.  I know that being cold in winter is normal, but it hasn't been this cold in Logan since I was a freshman. I don't know how to acclimatize for this weather. I'm hoping for an early spring because I'm not sure I can handle this awesomely cold weather any longer.

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