Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tender Mercy

I woke up today wishing that I could go back to bed. I was so tired and every time I glanced at my bed it said, "I'm way more comfortable than anything else you have to do today." Let's be honest it probably is, but I had work so I started getting ready. Usually I leave my apartment by 6:40 because I have work at 7:00. Today I was a little later, like 6:55 when I walked out the door. At that point I knew I was going to be late because you can't make a 18 minute walk into 5 no matter how talented you are. I started walking up that devil of a hill (8th North) when all of the sudden a car stops and the gal asks if I would like a ride to campus. I don't know her, I recognize her from somewhere, but I totally say yes! She takes me all the way to the library and drops me off. I clock in at 7:02. I was only 2 minutes late to work.

I can't believe how nice it was for her to pick me up. It was such a tender mercy. I hate being late and really try hard to make it to classes, appointments and work on time. I found out as we were driving along that her name was Crystal and that she is in my Family and Cultural Diversity class. All I can say is that that was a huge blessing, a tender mercy. I'm so grateful to her for listening to the spirit and for Heavenly Father answering prayers that I didn't know I was even saying. I can testify that Heavenly Father knows each of us on a personal level. He knows our needs and wants and He loves us more than we can ever imagine.

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