Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weekend

This weekend was actually a weekend! It was so exciting and started on Friday night! I had one of my good friends invite me to the hockey game between Weber and USU. I never knew it, but apparently both teams are really good and we have a long standing rivalry between the two schools.

The game was pretty intense and started out with two points for Weber. We then came back to make a point and tied it up right before the half. First half was kinda boring, not a whole lot of slamming, a few penalty boxes, and not a whole lot of points. But then the second half came. Holy Cow! It got crazy intense. There were a few times when we thought a fight was going to break out, but it didn't. The game was super close the entire time with one team scoring a point and then the other team tying it back up. Finally during the last two minutes, it got crazy. Weber was down by a point so they took out their goalie and tried to double team and score. It just so happened that USU got the puck made a run for it and scored on the empty goal. The game ended 6 to 4 and was a super hard fought game! It was crazy awesome! It was also my first official hockey game so really intense! After that we went back to my friends apartment, we talked and looked at all her pictures from Europe. (She taught English in Ukraine last semester.) It was so much fun!

Saturday was also a lot of fun! One of my old roommates birthday was on Saturday so we had to go out to eat. We went to Noodles and thoroughly enjoyed the food and company. After that we convinced Jena that you can't finish your birthday without pie. We crammed into her car and went to Village Inn! Shout-out to Village Inn-we had this awesome waitress! We told her that we wanted to embarrass Jena and asked if she could come up with something. So she brought waiters and waitresses and they sang Happy Birthday to her in English and Spanish! That waitress (Kirsta) was amazing and totally made it for us!!!  After that Jena, Alina and I went and rented a super dumb movie. Yuck. I won't even tell you which one because it was that bad. Anyway we celebrated her birthday and had a great day.

Sunday was of course the Superbowl. I couldn't care less about one team or another, but was invited to a party and ate a lot of food, watched a lot of commercials and kinda paid attention to the football. It was so much fun and what a weekend! I loved it all!

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