Monday, March 25, 2013

Part 2

What a busy crazy day and probably my favorite day of the Vacay!  We started out by driving to the Laie Hawaii Temple. Mom and Dad did a session and Meag and I did baptisms for the dead.  It is a gorgeous temple and I absolutely loved every second that we spent at the temple. We were able to go to the visitors center while we were there and learned so much. One of the coolest things that I learned was that I have visited the first five dedicated temples. They are St. George, UT Temple; Manti, UT Temple; Salt Lake City, UT Temple; Logan, UT Temple and Laie Hawaii Temple. Number 5 is the Laie Hawaii Temple and the first one outside of continental United States. I was pretty excited when I found out that I have been to all of those temples! (To find out more about temples and why we have them, go here.)  After that we went and got lunch. We went to Kahuku Grill! It was probably the best food we ate when we were in Hawaii. I got a cowboy burger and fries. The food was so good and the fries were the best I have ever had, literally.  Anyway loved it!

After that we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). The PCC was so cool. We were able to visit the presentations from Aoeterra, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Hawaii. All were unique, but each were amazing in there own way. The Samoan presentation was probably the best, I died laughing. It was so funny! Part of the program included a guy climbing a coconut tree without any assistance from ropes or cables and he was barefoot. It was pretty crazy to see. I ended up getting a picture with him (because he was a hunk of gorgeous Samoan), but don't have the picture because it is on my mom's camera.  We pretty much just walked around and saw programs all day long, then we went to a huge buffet before we went to Ha: Breath of Life. It is an amazing program and I loved it! The guys that danced with knives or flames, absolutely crazy, but freakin' amazing at the same time! If you want to check out more about the PCC, go here.
So that was Thursday- crazy right! 

I was tired and grouchy, so definitely not my favorite day. We went to Sea Life Park and had a Dolphin  Encounter. It basically means that we get in the tank with the dolphins and get to touch them. Granted, it was pretty cool because the dolphins have a super weird texture to them. We saw the World's Only Wholephin which was really weird and crazy at the same time and she is a very pretty animal. We saw the Seal  program and the Dolphin program. Both were well done. We finished our day by going to the Aquarium at Wakiki Beach. Saw some pretty crazy fish! 

Our last day in Hawaii and believe me we were all getting ready to be gone. We decided that we would spend our day going to Pearl Harbor. By the time we showed up, we were too late to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. We wanted to do it, but they sell their tickets early and fast. We figured that we should still spend some time looking at the other things. We visited the USS Blowfish, a submarine known as the "Avenger of Pearl Harbor", and the USS Missouri. The Missouri was my favorite part. At the Missouri, the Instrument of Surrender was signed. From the top of the Missouri, you could look out and over the Arizona Memorial- you were able to see the beginning of WWII through the Arizona and from the decks of the Missouri the end of the WWII. For some odd reason that was just so amazing to me. I loved it. That took up the majority of our day, but we still had about four hours before we had to turn in our car and go through security so we went to one final destination. We went to the Bishop Museum. It is a huge museum. I saw so many things, not sure I learned anything, but I saw some pretty crazy things. After that we turned in our rental and went through security. From there we had some issues. Our flight was delayed by over an hour due to maintenance issues, they then transferred us to another plane and we finally started our flight at 10:30 at night. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but we had a connecting flight at LAX. We literally got off of our flight and went straight to the other gate. They were calling the final boarding calls when we showed up. We got on and flew home. It was wonderful to go and wonderful to come home! 

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